HKUST Path Advisor


HKUST Path Advisor is a tool to help you locate the buildings and classrooms that you are heading to. This is especially useful at the start of the academic term. The API provide functionality for other applications to utilize Path Advisor location, routing and room information.

Access Control

An authorization key will be required to access the API. Developer require to register a developer account at the API portal and request for an authorization key before accessing to the API. There are rate limit of 1000 calls per minute for the API at this moment.

Undertaking for access

Before using the API, developer must read, agree with and accept the Acceptable Use Policy . If the developer doesn’t accept the terms of this Agreement and shall not accept to be bound by all the terms of this Agreement, they should stop using the API immediately.

Apply for access

Register a API portal account, view the documents and request for an API key if you want to utilize the API. Please also fill in your use case when applying the key and the approval process will review your use case and approve or reject your application.

Request for a key:

API Documentation

You can find the API documentation here